How to cope with a fetish

How do you cope with fetishes? My new boyfriend has a really weird fetish and he wants me to wear PVC all of the time. We are not just not talking in the bedroom here. We are talking when we go out as well. Most of the time I like to wear jeans but he wants me to wear PVC leggings even when we go to the supermarket. To be honest, that is not the most pleasant experience and I have told my friends at North London escorts that I think it is a bit weird.


North London escorts
North London escorts

Where do fetishes come from? I do run into gents at North London escorts who have some interesting fetishes but they are not like my boyfriend’s fetish with PVC. As a matter of fact, I would go as far as to say that my boyfriend’s fetish is not really a fetish at all – it is an obsession. Most guys that I have dated before may have had the odd funny idea but I have never come across anything like that. My boyfriend says that he thinks that PVC looks great and that is why he wants me to wear it all of the time.


I do sometimes wear PVC catsuits at North London escorts but I don’t wear they all of the time. But I do have a few catsuits. My boyfriend is totally obsessed by my catsuits and he gets really turned on by them. He would love me to wear them all of the time but there is no way that I can commit to that at all. Some of the girls at North London escorts think that it is just funny but I have to say that my boyfriend is creeping me out at times.


At the moment it is like a battle of wills. He is saying one thing and I am saying no. It would be nice if we could reach a happy medium. To be honest I think it is important for my boyfriend to understand that I cannot indulge his fetish for PVC all of the time. I think that my boyfriend is a really nice guy but sometimes he is just too much for me. The girls at North London escorts know what I mean. We all went on a night out the other week, and my boyfriend was on the go all of the time. Most people can sit down for a chat but my boyfriend was just cruising around all of the time.


Sometimes I think that he is a bit too hyper. I know that he suffered from ADHD when he was younger and I wonder if that is what has come back to haunt him. He does not have a problem with me working for North London escorts. The problem seem to come from himself and I am not sure that he can actually sort it out. I think that he needs help and I have heard that many people who have ADHD can suffer from various compulsive disorders. Perhaps this is what is happening to my boyfriend.

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