I Hate Foreplay

I have bought this apartment in London recently and ended up living next door to a girl who is a bit chubby. She is a lovely person, and when I have spare time from London escorts, I love to spend time with her. We often go shopping together and just have the best of time. I don’t think about her being overweight at all, but she is clearly bothered about it. As a matter of fact, she is one of the most attractive girls I have ever seen, and would make an ideal addition to London escorts.

She is perfectly okay with me working for London escorts, and we often have a laugh about my day at London outcall escorts. It is nice to share what you experience with someone else who will not judge at all. I cannot talk about my work at London escorts with my other girlfriends, and being able to talk to her, is like a big release. After all, my night at London escorts can be rather adventurous and you never know what is going to happen.

Anyway, my friend wants to go on holiday and shag have her brains shagged out as she says, but she is worried about her weight. Ideally she would like to lose about 10 kilos before she goes which is in about five months time. I am sure that she can do it, but a girlfriend of mine at London outcall escorts who lost a lot of weight quickly, also lost her sparkle, and I do not want my friend to do so. We have talked about and decided to try a different tactic employed by another girl at London escorts.

You may not believe this, but changing your diet to a mainly organic diet will help a lot. Our modern day food is full of junk, and I have noticed since I started to eat more a more organic diet, I look more stream lined. However, I like to look my best for London escorts, so I have decided to accompany my friend on her journey, and we are going to start with a detox week at a spa outside of London. I have always wanted to go, but none of the girls I work at the most fantastic outcall escorts website, have ever wanted to go.

Exercise is vital as well, and that is perhaps my friend’s problem. She does not really enjoy it, but I have suggested that she go for things like walking and tai-chi. It can make a real difference when you work at it, and going for the walk is ideal if you are a bit conscious about your body. I love going walking but my big boobs get a of stares, but walking with my friend might be alright. It would be so nice if my friend starts to feel so confident about her body that she wants to join London escorts. She would be wonderful at it, and I think many gents would appreciate her fuller figure.

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