I love London escorts so much because there is no judgment in their eyes.



i always try to remind myself how much a London escort had already helped me in the last and I have no right to destroy the trust that she has already given me. The most recent problems that I have had in the past are when I had a fight with my parents. It is the most troublesome one because they decided to disown me. i feel like a trash with no one to rely on. My family had already forgotten about me but the love of a London escorts still stayed with me for good. Being appreciated by a London escort is a wonderful feeling that I could not even begin to imagine. i know that it’s time for me to prove to her how much I do love her. i have been feeling down lately and did not attend to her needs not that she is complaining. i wanted to be a part of a London escorts life and give her all that is necessary to be happy. i must have done a very bad thing to my parents in order to disown me. Thankfully I have been able to have a strong connection with a London escort because ever since then she did not leave my side especially when I am having trouble coping up with the feelings that I had. i can’t wait to get closer to her and her family and maybe become a member someday. i want it to happen naturally without forcing myself. all that I ever wanted to have was a family that will love me unconditionally. But I was surprised by the fact that only a London escort was able to love me during my worst. It has taught me a lot of lesson and how to deal with the problems that are in my life. i must keep my life in order because being a burden to my London escort is never an option for me. i do love her without a doubt and being sure about the things that is happening for the both of us is never an issue for me. i wanted to see whether or not we would get far from life and I am totally confident in my ability to give all the needs that my London escorts wants. i give myself a year to make her my girlfriend. it might be too long in other people’s opinions but I am never afraid. i want to give everything that I have to a wonderful girl and heel her happy no matter what. The truth is that in all my life she is the first woman who had loved me genuinely. i am still in shock that she is still deciding to date me even though she clearly can get a better man than me. i take full responsibility in whatever bad that happens with my London escort. She’s the kindest person that I have ever been with and there is always no judgement in her eyes. That’s why I love her so much.

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