Love in London


Is there such a thing as love in London? Ever since I first moved to London, I have had a really hard time finding love in London. People in London seem to be so much busier than the rest of the country. Everything is a rush and to me it seems that people tear around a lot. They just don’t walk, they rush and then rush again. Surely this can’t be good for you, and I am finding it really hard to make friends. Many of my friends do not even have time for love in their lives and end up dating London escorts.


I can understand why my friends date London escorts from but surely is not the same thing as having a real love interest. Personally, I think that dating escorts would not be the right sort of thing and this is why I try to stay away from escorts. I don’t have anything against escorts or what they do, but I can’t see the point of paying somebody to be my girlfriend. I think that I would much rather not have a girlfriend at all. It would be so much better if we could all have a little bit more time for one another.


Something must be going on in this crazy world of ours, if we need to seek the companionship of escorts. When I grew up, escorts were unheard of and I don’t know of anybody who dated escorts. Could it be a sign of our modern lifestyle? I often think that we have the wrong priorities now days. Instead of focusing on friends and family, we focus on making more and more money. We may make more money but at what costs. If the answer is that we need to seek love with professional girls such as London escorts, it can be a good thing.


I have lived here in London for five years now. It is okay and I do enjoy living in London, but I have a problem with the lifestyle. My friends seem to be a bit jealous of me as I have a proper girlfriend. Most of the guys at work can only seek the company of London escorts when they feel a bit down. Me, I am lucky enough to be able to go home to my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I have a lot of fun together in more ways than one.


Do I judge my friends because they date London escorts? No, I don’t and I can understand why they do so. It is nice to have company and it is important not to be alone all of the time. We do spend a lot of time alone in our lives, and that is not easy for anybody. I would much rather we all had some company, and I think that this would make us feel better about ourselves in the long run. Maybe it would be better for the many young girls who work as escorts in London as well.

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