The Role Of Foreplay And How To Make It More Enjoyable

Sex can be enjoyable if you are doing it with the right person but it is even sweeter if foreplay comes first. In fact, foreplay actually determines how the entire session will be. While it is the perfect curtain raiser for explosive sex, it actually has health benefits to women.

What Is Foreplay?

Even though many people only focus on why women need foreplay, men also enjoy it a lot. The stimulation that comes from rubbing against each other can be compared to nothing else in the bedroom. In fact, some couples get spent just feeling and touching each other in the right places.

Foreplay stretches out the amount of time spent on sex. Even though penetration has not taken place yet, the fulfillment that comes from caressing her behind the ears and kissing her all over is overwhelming. Furthermore, foreplay makes guys savor the experience and enjoy sex. Through foreplay, the clit also gets to fulfill its primary role.

Apart from just leading to the best sex ever, foreplay is the perfect remedy for ladies who want to have an orgasm. There are numerous females out there who for some reason give up the enjoyment because they know they cannot experience an orgasm. If your man knows how to work his hands and mouth, you can be darn sure he will get you there even without penetration. Such orgasms are usually so gratifying that she will lie there and now ask you to get inside her for an even more passionate session.

Foreplay Tips

Foreplay is crucial, but it has to be done in the right way for both parties to enjoy it. So what are the best tips that will help you get her there?

Great foreplay begins with talking dirty. Many women love talking dirty because it brings out their deepest fantasies. The beauty with talking dirty is that you can do it all day long through texts and chats so that by the time you get together, you are dying to touch each other in places you did not even know existed.

Go ahead and kiss while talking dirty. Kissing is a turn-on for both men and women and can be more than just a prelude to sex. Move away from the lips and kiss her neck and behind the ears as you move down her body. By the time you get down there, she will be all spent probably with an orgasm or two in the bag.

Finally, make you fingers and mouth do the work. When kissing, where you put your hands can make it even more erotic. When the time is right, a little finger and mouth work on her clitoris and vagina will get her speaking in tongues. As you go on, pay attention to her moans and breathing to know which actions are more fulfilling.

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